Mini Game Magic Farm

Site of action mini-games Magic Farm is a magical country. Iris girl is educated in the magic of flowers. One day, Iris receives a message stating that the parents of Iris disappeared. Upset our heroine arrives home, where an acquaintance told Iris that the parents went into the jungle to find the flower of youth. Our heroine wants to escape this second look her mother and father. But the same neighbor advises her to call for help, the detective who helps Iris in this case. But we need money to pay with a police detective. Further details can be found at Mashable, an internet resource.

Our heroine decides to grow on his farm, magic flowers. These lovely flowers bloom for one day and repeatedly paying off. Right now we proceed to the cultivation of beautiful flowers on our farm, which in just one day can flourish and bear fruit for several raz.Snachala need to buy and plant a variety of colors in the prepared hole. When Flowers bloom to this second picking them up. But we must not forget about watering these plants. Everything would be fine if it were not for pests that are trying to destroy the beautiful plants. Dangerous wasps, horrible mutants, snails and even the ghosts are trying to discourage us.

Rake or other means, we will destroy them. Then sell the plant to the store, earning the first funds. Matter gradually grows and we have a possibility to call the detective to search for the missing mother and father. But money is still small, so you need to enlarge the business. To aid in this difficult business neighbor, leaving, leaves us with a funny dragon, whose name is Robin. For improving the work necessary to get fresh space for plant breeding, various tanks under water, and baskets and even build a well. A girl learns to deal with enemies, pests, and reaching a certain level mini-games can increase one or another capacity, both girls and dragon. Developing the game, we go to another city, where we continue our search. There acquire a new farm and will grow even more original plants. Slowly we are meeting all required actions and find the father and mother Iris. Mini Game Magic Farm will be a success among fans of arcade games with elements of logic.

Computer Services

Of course, the simplest and most correct way – to appeal to competent computer service. However, if you wish and feel the strength to do computer repair their own hands, we give some useful tips. Consider common case – your computer is unstable load, but it hangs up immediately after loading or may hang on the time of inclusion without reaching the slider running Windows xp. In this case, you should: Listen to what sounds are emitted when the computer hangs. If you hear clicks of a system of block, you need to replace the power supply. Most likely your power supply and can not issue a rated voltage of a hard drive, which accordingly becomes nerabotosposobnym.Esli replacement power supply does not help the matter either hard drive or in the loop for the hard drive.

First you need to replace the cable at 100% duty, and if it did not solve the problem – it is necessary tested for proper computer your hard drive, because likely in this case your hard drive is invalid. On the test results will clear the hard drive needs to be replaced or net. reason may be dead ram – ram check for 'bitosti' something like Memtest86 and Microsoft Memory Test.I recently, the reason may be a dead motherboard. Make sure that the capacitors on your motherboard, check the their esr, if there is chem., the above will help you to repair your computer.

Installing Plugins

installation downloadable archives with amxx plugins you differentiate amongst the files with the extension *. amxx 1. Copy these files to a folder / cstrike / addons / amxmodx / plugins / 2. Open the file addons / amxmodx / configs / plugins.ini and at the end appends the name of the plugin that you copied. 3.If the archive there are still files with the extension *. sma, they are copied to the / cstrike / addons / amxmod / scripting. Files sma – a source fayloy *.

amxx, ie opening their notebook, you can change the source code of the plugin, and Pat perekompelirovat it. For example: Install the plugin Admin_slash.amxx Throws it in the folder plugins Admin_slash.amxx Append at end of file plugins.ini plugin installed! More information about the commands of the plugin, refer to his own description. that would Plgani worked, need counter strike 1.6 server and amxmodx Customize amxmodx: First of all, make sure that Iron your server meets the minimum requirements of the most Half-life. Only then can try to set up your own Counter-Strike server. Do not forget that there are many ways to customize your game servers and advice below – only a description of how it was done by the author.


But for a long time so could not continue. Sooner or later no plan resulted in the death of staff and players. Chips. Yes, I'm going to tell you about "chips" of the game! Probably inexperienced in geymerstve students would have been enough and that I have already written to be filled with puppy excitement of the game. However, this is not a complete description of her charms! What I particularly liked the game were "prizes"! Some of the enemy tanks were flashing. If you shoot and hit them on the field of randomly appearing prize. A flashing square with a symbolic figure.

The prize may not appear for a long time. But if the player managed to get there and take it, there were very nice thing for him. What? Depended on that prize. It could be: Pomegranate – in this If not, all are currently on the game screen at the same time the enemy tanks exploded! Even as something interesting. Clock – Time stops for the enemies. Their tanks froze in place and could not move. At the time.

So that players can drive up and calmly, without fear of enemy projectiles to shoot villains. Tank – extra life. It's simple. The five-pointed star – our most favorite prize! After each new star of the tank changed its look at a steeper and increase its rate. So you can change 3 times. Ie respectively, after three stars. Unfortunately, the fourth star is giving nothing. Perhaps we would like to continue improve their self-propelled guns – to make them monsters, super-mega-muper tanks. But, unfortunately, the programmers did not include improvements after the third star. Bastards, that they take Okay, wiping avaricious man's tears and complaining of unrealized possibilities – forgive them this mistake. Afterword But the yard is 21. Should I think of those ancient times? Should I think about the 'Battle City ", when there is a WarCraft iii ' Warhammer 40,000 'and other masterpieces? I think – yes. " were let in yet short stories gamedev. And they will forever remain in it. Its integral part. And we do not forget.