Oil Industry

The ROV is very used also in submarine research in general, also searchs the destroos and archaeological research under dgua etc. In the industry of the oil is used mainly in the operation of wells, manifolds, positioning, construction and inspection, accompaniment of the work of divers etc. The ROV is composed for on cameras of television to the one metallic structure that can be put into motion thanks to on helices to the electric or hydraulical engines. Ali Partovi gathered all the information. upports this article.

The equipment possesss float, arms that can make movimentoquase as if it was a human arm. So that it can be operated of the surface of ships or submarine platforms, the ROV makes use of computers, whose signals are multiplexados between the surface and the vehicle in the deep one of the sea. Normally pilot and copilot for the operations are necessary. While the pilot controls the vehicle, the copilot takes care of of the operation of the arms, communication with the bridge of command of the ship or platform, register of the data of the operation etc. In the current days it is impossible to extract oil of the deep one of the sea without this tool.

The ROV has multiple purposes, since the research and prospection passing for the exploration and even in the production of the black gold. The equipment for the exploration and production of oil already had been adapted to be installed and operated for ROVs. For this the ROV uses projected tools exclusively to act as interfaces between the operator in the surface and the equipment in the deep one of the sea.

Mobile Commerce Systems Mobile Commerce Today

I propose to begin to look like today, you can automate mobile commerce and how companies operate, who missed time in the development of new technologies. And then look at how effective was the use time and resources to employees and to say how well that today, modern technologies and management systems of mobile commerce, simplifying the whole business process. Mobile commerce today. On services market, many firms and companies offering mobile commerce management system or systems management sales representatives for managing different types of trading activity and Automation: Merchandising, collection orders (PreSelling) and (Van Selling) trade with wheels. ” And believe me, every organization or organization that appeals to your company and offers to tell about the benefits of such a system, or to show presentation, speak not just empty words.

Technology no longer stand on the spot and it’s time to step to the next level and beat your competitors. It makes no sense to talk about all the benefits of mobile systems, but affect some particularly important points, I simply must, in order not to be unsubstantiated. System for mobile commerce can. Reduce the time for training new sales representatives Significantly reduce support costs, trade Representatives Strengthen control over the activities of your staff Improve accuracy and speed of execution of orders System mobile commerce can significantly improve sales effectiveness Mobile trade yesterday. Yesterday, the business process took, and in some firms still take three days more. And I tell you exactly when this development is a company loses about 50% of precious resources, including clients that you have not enough time or money to hire some more sales reps. I propose to stay and will not give such a great handicap to its competitors? Although you can work with them to share, but I am deeply I doubt it. To date, all employees of the companies complain about a fatal lack of working time and effort they spend. Of course, you can infinitely increase the duration of the work day or work at night and pay extra money for additional processing, and can slightly change the business process, but more on that later in the second part of this article. You will begin to protest and say that it is much less! I’ll prove it all on the simple and available examples. What tools do enjoy your sales force? This list is so big, how rich imagination of each of us, but most of these tools are: a notepad, e-book written, laptop, your salesman and one day can not do without the appearance of the office? I think with today’s advanced technologies, this process (binding to the workplace) can be excluded. Effective to spend time shopping Representative? If you think about how much time is spent efficiently and most importantly what you can simply left speechless and did not come to work. At some ridiculous return of the office for transfer information, write to notebook or laptop, to find in his records the required information and has different things that can be avoided. And it’s not all the benefits of mobile commerce.

Interdisciplinar Perspective Opinions

Social people of different places, experiences, cultures, classrooms can produce and change knowledge in the many courses made possible for the long-distance Education. While integrant pupils of the long-distance course Ambient Education and Geography of the Half-barren one in a Interdisciplinar Perspective, made possible for the Open University of Brazil, in partnership with the IFRN and the cities, we stand out the importance to be actively participating of this process, sharing doubts, knowledge and opinions with the course colleagues, with the professors and tutors you discipline of them. Another evidenced excellent aspect in education in the distance says respect to flexibility in regards to the space and the time, that is, the manifest learning if in times and different spaces, where we can adjust the studies to the time that each cursista destines for in such a way, each one in its environment. Moreover, we can have study moments individual as in such a way collective. As it emphasizes Moran (2002), ‘ ‘ The educational possibilities that if open are fantsticas’ ‘. Outrossim, we must consider that the long-distance Education through the destined public politics for its propagation, comes contributing of efficient form for the democratization of education and the digital and social inclusion. Filed under: Mashable. ‘ ‘ The EAD is not a privilege of the rich countries or powerful organizations. It is in the truth, one of the best instruments for the social inclusion and the quantitative and qualitative improvement of educao’ ‘. IPAE (2006). In turn, the videos, the television and the cinema also are considered instruments of long-distance Education, since they evidence images capable to influence in the opinions of the individuals, in the creation or modification of concepts and opinions, in the acquisition of modismos, the incorporation of gestures, expressions, at last, of inserted models in the human behavior.

Sony Camera

Camcorders for video surveillance systems, most commonly used video cameras, which are based on the CCD. These matrices produce a variety of manufacturers, the most well-known brands are Panasonic, Sony, LG, Samsung, Hynix. Matrix of different manufacturers work well in normal conditions, but have differences in the quality of work in non-standard lighting conditions. To work in difficult conditions need to use a matrix with high resolution and high sensitivity. Check out Peter Asaro for additional information. Keep in mind that video surveillance – is a complex high-tech process that requires the use of modern technologies and, often, higher material costs.

There are the following types of camcorders: Modular cameras – the cameras do not have their own housing and are mounted in the case of other products – enclosures, doors. Dome cameras – have a kind of a hemisphere and are mounted on the ceiling. Minivideokamery – are cylindrical and rectangular sizes. Mounted inside the premises, as finished products. Hull camcorder – a standard CCTV camera. Can be installed both inside and outside his special air-tight enclosures heated. Street video cameras – are any listed above, the camera is installed on the street. For stable operation, a video camera wrapped in a street special air-tight enclosure and provided with a system obogreva.Upravlyaemye cameras – These cameras are equipped with special rotary mechanism, which can increase the radius of the review by the reversal of the physical body camera camcorder .

– these cameras have an automatic system of image stabilization, and are mounted on movable objects. At present, isolated analog and digital (IP) cameras CCTV. Among the digital video camera have received widespread transmitting video wirelessly. For that purpose the antenna system or WiFi. Lens Lens – an optical device that focuses light on the sensor cameras. The objects are divided into several grupp.Monofokalnye lenses – have a permanent focal rasstoyanie.Variofokalnye lenses – focal length of such lenses You can change vruchnuyu.Transfokatory – focal length of such lenses can be changed by remote control. Processing tools switcher – it is a special device with which can be used in series with the output images from multiple cameras on one monitor.Kvadrator – this is a special device that allows you to simultaneously display images from the four or eight cameras monitor.Multipleksor one – is a special device that allows you to simultaneously display images from four, eight or sixteen cameras on one monitor, as well as for recording images received from all cameras an analog VCR. All of the above devices are now obsolete with the emergence of digital media processing izobrazheniya.Matrichny switcher – a digital device designed for video processing. He is able to display on a monitor image from each camera in the surveillance system. VCR video recorders now obsolete. Conventional magnetic tape cassette will fit a 24-hour video, if you reduce the write speed, you can record videos up 960 hours. These DVRs ustroistva record video from cameras video to your hard drive. DVRs are divided into: video servers – specialized kompyutery.Nekompyuternye DVRs. Auxiliaries Thermal – is special devices which are capable of recording the temperature of the observed surface. Automatic cameras – may increase the possibility of video surveillance systems, for example, photographing the "critical moments" For example, when photographing traffic violations. Speakerphones This access control system. They may also have a video recording. Microphones provide additional information in the form of audio video facility. Additional Equipment In addition, modern video surveillance systems can meet a wide range of accessories such as amplifiers or infrared illuminators.

System GPS

gps – global positioning system. gps consists of a set of 29 satellites, located above the ground. For civilian use, the system is open from the 1980’s. gps allows a high precision to determine the location speed of moving objects. It is the determination of the coordinates to a satellite based instruments work on localization – trackers (trekfonov). The principle is as follows. At each of the satellites are high-precision atomic hours. They continuously transmit radio signals with its identification code. Trekfony receive the signal from 5 to 12 satellite channels. Tracker compares the emission time of the satellite signal with the time of his admission. On the basis of the difference in time calculated the distance to the satellite. BDT Capital Partners often addresses the matter in his writings. And since the nominal distance to specific satellites are known, gps tracker computes its own coordinates. The most accurate coordinates (longitude, latitude) trekfon gets Taking the signal from three satellites.

The accuracy of positioning GPS-tracker affect the location of satellites, as well as a number of weather and other factors. Trekfony can be personal (portable). These trackers used to determine the location of people, the elderly, children in large companies to track the movements of couriers. It is useful to use the personal trekfonov in the administration of any trip or holiday abroad. Since tracking the origin of the object being anywhere there is cellular communication. In addition, the trackers can be mounted on vehicles. Thus, at any time, you always know where your car without worrying hijacking. Car trekfony particularly useful to companies engaged in cargo transportation, passenger transportation, owning a large car park. But, of course, is the action – sooner or late resistance appears. Any gps signal can be drown through the gps blocker. gps jammer portable, easy and effective for blocking the transfer of gps. Makes it impossible to record or transmit data on the location stay of a moving object.

Nokia Programs

The ancient Islamic traditions combined with modern technology – who would have such a thing? But Apple managed to not only present but also to realize our plans – ‘apple’ in Ramadan, the company released a number of useful applications for mobile devices. Among them – a program that recalls the prayer time is also a virtual compass – Find Mecca, indicating the correct direction to the Muslim holy city. James Otan set several such applications on their iPhone and iPad. Man says he became more attentive, for now do not forget to pray during working hours and knows what restaurants serve the Muslim diet. ‘The journey I always take my book. However, take all impossible, because then you will have to carry 10 000 pages. And now it’s all there on the phone ‘- says Muslim James Otan.

However, not all programs are designed for use in Ramadan. More info: Kam VedBrat. There are also those who help users find the nearest store, which sells prepared according to Islamic traditions of food. Other additions are taught the correct pronunciation of the prayers or say how many pages the user read the Koran in its phone. In addition, there are programs available with books and other religions – for example, the Bible or the Bhagavad-Gita. Very popular among U.S. users was the program iPray, which at a certain time to proclaim phone adhan – the call to prayer. The fact that in the U.S., unlike in Muslim countries, mosques are not calling people to pray through the speakers. ‘These our traditions, they are already somewhere in 15 centuries. In my opinion, these programs – a successful combination of modern technology and ancient customs, which we follow every day ‘- says Muslim Syumeye Kalontsu. Thanks to these innovations, many will be able to adhere to their religious duties, even in unfamiliar cities. It is worth noting that similar programs to prepare not only Apple, but other companies such as Nokia.

Virtual Reality Helps Brain Jury Patients

A new program was developed in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Haifa may identify brain damage the patient suffered and determine the best course of treatment. In hospitals, in Israel, there are treatments for patients with brain injuries through virtual reality. The patient observes his virtual image on the screen while tennis balls are thrown at him from different directions. The movements of his real hand to the ball movements are translated as virtual. As a first step in this development program was introduced in the computer video files of some patients who played in the facilities of virtual reality. With the help of the computer program succeeded in achieving distinction between two kinds of brain damage: CVA (Stroke-‘Stroke ‘) and TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury, Concussion).

For further evidence, the computer was able to diagnose accurately, between 90% – 98% of the time, if the patient was healthy, or suffered brain damage trauma or stroke. The diagnosis, says Dr. Manevitz, is the most basic part of treatment – any doctor and many healthcare workers can correctly diagnose severe brain injuries. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Pete Cashmore. While this study is an important advance in the field of computer science, this does not directly help society. What is important, however, is the next phase of development, in which the computer is able to do things that doctors can not.

“As soon as the computer identified the injury, we have a model we can use for further testing and analysis – something that can not be done on live patients. Using a computer model, we can experiment with different treatment options and decide which will the most effective. The computer can also define how long it will take to rehabilitate the patient. All this will take time to medicine to achieve its objectives, and some of them can not be put into practice, said Dr. Manevitz . For example, the computer can simulate how the patient will respond if the virtual reality therapy throws more balls to the patient’s left to the right or if another change is beneficial for rehabilitation. The computer can quickly examine tens of different possibilities in a very short time. The use of the computer will help avoid spending time on treatments that do not benefit the patient, or worse, it could cause damage. Our next step is to find similarities in the behavior of people in groups with brain injuries. The human eye may not be able to see such similarities, but a computer would easily be able to find it. As soon as we are able to identify similarities in different sub-groups, new avenues of effective treatment will open up for doctors, “summarized Dr. Manevitz.

Bioledex Series

V2009, the German company Del-ko launched a line of led fixtures (LED lamps) for lighting under the brand name Bioledex.V now just around the corner is the end of 2010. Boleechem two years that have passed smomenta grounds trademark Bioledex in the range of brands etoytorgovoy happened very mnogoizmeneny, such as the emergence of new products, as well as obsolete types of led lamps. Vetoy article I want to consider the major changes range led bulbs for lighting homes, offices and streets Bioledex. Gone on a holiday led lights Bioledex in the form of corn cob SuperFlux power consumption of 2, 4, 8, 13 Tues At present the place of these lamps in the range Bioledex took the lamp series numo. These led lamps also have the shape of a hedgehog, but they are much smaller items, discontinued products, both in length and diameter. Lamp Series numo produced 5 Watt (lamp replacement Filament 35-40W) and 8 W (replacing incandescent 50-60 watt).

Another very significant advantage of new led bulbs series numo – lamps operate as a variable, and on a direct current, which greatly increases their resistance to both power surges, which, unfortunately, not uncommon in our power grids, and resistance to frequency interference. Ie In this case, we have led lights – a complete analogue of incandescent bulbs. Just lowered the price of these led lamps – for the same price you can buy led lamps are much more brightness. Check with Ali Partovi to learn more. Also in the series appeared numo led bulb 10 watts, replacing incandescent lamps 75-80 Tues Another novelty – led lamps Bioledex Series numo now available and with the possibility of regulating the brightness of conventional dimmer.

Eletronic Engineers

The director Eunice de Faria and the Coordinator of the Course of Systems of Information Ana Claude Nunes for being always present. To all the professors of the Course of Systems of Information that had been to my side during all this so important period in my life. The Andria teacher for all aid, incentive, fellowship and for the confidence in my potential. To all my friends who had always received me at the difficult moments. To that, directly or indirectly, they had been to my side during this period, I thank that they had extended the hand to me, I learned very with vocs. To all mine Thanks a lot! ' ' He has in mind that everything that you learn in the school is work of many generations.

It receives this inheritance, honors it, adds e, one day, faithful, deposits it at the hands of its filhos' ' (Albert Einstein, 1945) SUMMARY pressente work titleholder ' ' Security in Wireless nets 802.11x' ' it has as objective to supply to information in security level nets without wire, analyzing methods of protection and possible vulnerabilities, thus denoting half to diminish them. Robotics often says this. The nets wireless are a media that use air for transmission of data, these transmissions are made through the rdiofrequencia (transmission for radio waves). To guarantee the operabilidade of this system, that is, so that it uniformly works with other technologies the IEEE (Institute of Eletrical and Eletronic Engineers) created in 1997 the standard 802.11x for local nets without wire, that defined two types of transmission, for the infra red light and the radio inside of the band of 2.4-Ghz. With it I continue development of this standard had appeared its extensions, the used Mays are 802.11b and 802.11g, the standard 802.11g can arrive the taxes of the 108 transmission of 54 Mbps. We also have the standard 802.11n that it operates basically equal to the standard b/g, however, with speeds that can go of 100 the 500 Mbps, this technology is not available still in Brazil.

Economic Policy

Application energy-saving lamps will save and redirected to other needs of releasing resources and power from energy savings, capacity, initial construction svetotochek on the streets with three or four-band movement will be a half times cheaper due to the possibility of using special optics and the supporting one side of the road, no maintenance costs and utilization for periods of up to four times exceeding the life cycle of tube technology. Have long known: energy conservation always costs and economics, and ecology of many times cheaper than an extensive way – building on its production, construction of new power plants, which require to produce more fuel, build mines, etc. According to the Ministry of Energy forecast for 2010, the country’s power plants will generate up to 181.8 GWh of electricity. At the same time the real demand for electricity will outpace supply, amounting to 189.6 gw in the “minimum” scenario and 203.7 gw in the script of “postindustrial transition.”

In this case, energy promise to keep up with growing electricity demand until 2015-2020. Until Russia will be the same energy-hungry. As said the head of the Department of Economic Policy of rao ues of Russia Igor , 12 years later the population spending on electricity can make a substantial part of costs and energy holding predicts rise in electricity prices in Russia on average almost three times in 2020. This will occur against the background of large-scale investment programs and the introduction of new environmental requirements. The main factors that impact on this process will be rapid increase in fuel prices, primarily natural gas.