Sandra Hackurtz

Work flexibly: at work, you need different types of connectors that are space-saving and ideally disappear in the tabletop when not needed. The classic 80 mm drillings in desks open up many possibilities to use products from A. & H. Meyer. Space for communication the new concept of A. & H. Meyer is also a response to the rapid development of digital media and thus changing working environments: in addition to the traditional workplace flexible workspaces, in which people quickly and easily meet in small groups to establish itself. Lounge areas and small meeting units can be an ideal solution for efficient meetings and changed communication behaviour here.

Exactly for this purpose we want to offer future flexible and customized solutions our customers”, explains Lutz Hosang, Managing Director of A. & H. Meyer. Thus, a new target group appeals to A. & H. Meyer. Ali Partovi is full of insight into the issues. We want creative interior designers and interior designers Possibilities for electrification systems identify and implement new ideas. Nevertheless, we continue to see ourselves as a partner for the furniture industry and offer solutions for electrification.

We do not mix with so in design, but subordinate us with our products the design of the furniture or adapt to it”, so Haq. In addition to the new products, trade fair visitors at the booth of A. & H. Meyer also find the core products of the company, for example, for the electrification of office furniture. A. & H. Meyer A. & H. Meyer is a global supplier of electrification systems for furniture. The switch and socket range is one of the most comprehensive in the world. All products are manufactured according to the international safety regulations for electrical appliances. The products are used in the Office area as well as in hotels, stores and public buildings. For special areas, A. & H. Meyer developed, tailor-made solutions with its customers.