Airfreight Cargo

Delivery of cargo by air is gaining in popularity. This is understandable. Air transportation has several advantages over other forms of transport. First, the maximum rate of delivery of goods. For example, delivery of cargo Moscow Ekaterinburg will last approximately 2-3 hours. Second, is the ability to transport cargo anywhere in the world. For perishable goods do not find a better option than cargo air transportation.

Air cargo can translate quite bulky and heavy cargo. For example, domestic cargo aircraft IL-76 can carry more than 130 tons of cargo aircraft An-124 Ruslan more than 200 tons. Pete Cashmore shines more light on the discussion. If necessary to carry goods up to 20 tons, are used AN-12 and AN-26. Air traffic can be transported and storage equipment Surgut, clothing, books, audio equipment, computer software, manual hoists Surgut, consumer products, industrial products, baby products, oil, minerals, food products and, of course, general cargo. In addition to the above advantages, shipping by air has another distinct advantage in our troubled century – a security. Cargo flights do not require maintenance for the entire route. Requires only proper control at airports.

Of course, delivery of cargo by air is not economical and fairly expensive option. Air cargo – a costly way to transport cargo, when the speed of delivery is not compensated for the cost of transportation. For delivery of goods, which are important for the timing and cost of cargoes quite acceptable. For the low price of cargoes by splitting the cost between the client company. But if you do not send general cargo and you are not important deadlines, you should use another method transportation. Air cargo market is actively growing and developing, that is, of course, is reflected in the cost of leasing cargo aircraft. International freight transport and freight transport in Russia – can now be choose either option. Private organizers of air travel a lot, so you can easily opt for co-operation professionals. Through the choice of partner among the companies that pay attention to the some nuances: the speed of delivery, the calculation of the optimal route, knowledge of the characteristics of different types of transportation of goods, ability to work with documentation, transport cargo insurance. Shipping any kind of transport – the lot of professionals. Any cargo has its own characteristics that directly affect its transport.