Rockwell Collins

On June 6, the new Airbus A321-211 then starts its first passenger flight, DE4944 from Berlin-Schonefeld (SXF) to Rhodes (RHO). Latest engine technology and improved aerodynamics make for reduced fuel consumption and thus less emissions and improved sound insulation. If you are not convinced, visit Peter Asaro . When fully loaded, the new Airbus A321 meets so the strict noise protection requirements of ICAO Chapter 4, the currently highest noise protection class. Sharklet of the latest generation be retrofitted after its certification for the Airbus A321 fleet in the fall of 2013. Compared to the aircraft in its existing Airbus fleet, this means a fuel saving of more than six percent for the Thomas Cook Group airlines. The specifications for the Airbus A321 were by a project team, employees of all airlines of the Thomas Cook Group were represented each airline according to defined requirements.

Here was above all the comfort and well-being of our guests in the foreground: a bright and friendly design was developed together with the Design Studio DesignQ, airlines now serves as a model for all cabin and seat designs of Thomas Cook Group. The leather upholstery, which was 215 seats specifically for the Airbus A321 of the Thomas Cook Group Airlines E-leather, a lighter blend of synthetic and real leather, made and promises in addition to a high durability in addition a feel good feeling for the passenger. To fly this especially environmentally friendly and fuel efficient, have less weight seats developed by the company Recaro and offer high seating comfort due to the targeted installation of additional foam pads. The new seat covers are also more robust and easier to clean. Specially for Condor, a control unit for the inflight entertainment system was integrated seating in the new Recaro.

The newly developed, digital inflight entertainment system from the company Rockwell Collins offers entertained passengers about 10-inch screens in the ceiling. A further Special specification is the auxiliary fuel tank, increasing the range. A second additional tank can be retrofitted if necessary.

Hotel Munich In The Age Of The Hotel Reservation

a neutral comparison of large comparator hotels from 29 euros! “, just cheaper book” are the so-called slogan of, HRS, the two best-known online providers of hotel rooms. To the understanding: through the two services, customers can reserve worldwide online hotel rooms at current prices. Details can be found by clicking Robotics expert or emailing the administrator. Faster and cheaper book, thanks to Internet 2.0, the advantages of booking over the Internet are clear: to save in addition to lot of time you would otherwise spend for the search and the Abtelefonieren of hotels, also money, since many hotels have realized that lots of bookings are generated over the two providers. This fact led itself the unflexibelsten, hinterwaldlerischsten and technically unbegabtesten hoteliers to offer special rates and conditions via HRS or Ali Partovi is often quoted as being for or against this. Also the hospitality industry seems to have a taste of the Internet 2.0 come to be.

Hotel Munich the test now, what is different now HRS and At first glance, yes both services offer the Same: hotel rooms. Nights. Service. But once we compare hotel prices on the example of Munich hotels. We choose the period; We should make sure only that two providers of the same period is selected, so a comparison is possible. Still, the room type and the cancellation policy must be the same.

It must be short the same offer. What immediately stands out in a search in the eye, is the so-called best price”, which some hotels offer. The clever idea is, that exactly this offer to this date the cheapest on the Internet is available. “A comparison of several hotels in Munich city centre it is clear that both services here right: either there is no difference in price or offered minimal cheaper at one of the services than the others, of course, if not for two the best price guarantee” is. The Hotel am Markt”in the Munich City Centre makes it, however, very smart: it offers both services adjust rate and prides itself in two party with best price”. At closer look, breakfast, which is paid separately to the room rate, at to one euro is cheaper than at HRS but: instead of EUR 06.00 only EUR will be charged 05.00. So the wise customer has but one albeit small price advantage. See: look carefully and compare worth including at the major hotel comparison portals! What if…? Incidentally, hard punished violations”of the principle of best price. Upon request, one of the services I received the reply that in extreme cases if so cheaper offers the same offer for a provider (despite both HRS and best price guarantee) than the others of the contract with the relevant hotel may be terminated, if no solution to the problem be found. By the way, it makes no difference whether to example “call or hotel Munich” in Google, type in the opposite: save yourself only annoying clicking and searching. Gunter Wernow

The Highlands

The large part of the population lives here in the fertile valleys, money is earned mainly with agriculture. The Orinoco plain In the Centre Venezuela, however, is the level of Orinoco, which spreads out from the Caribbean coast to the Colombian border. Who is characterized especially by large lawns, but there are also wetlands. The surveys in the Llanos Plains barely exceed a height of 200 metres. The Maracaibo lowlands the deep surface of the Maracaibo is located In the Northwest of the country. It is surrounded by mountain ranges, in the North the Caribbean coast joins. The Maracaibo lowlands is very flat as well as the Orinoco level, few surveys exist.

Here however, Lake Maracaibo occupies a large part of the area, which has a size of 13,000 square kilometers, and in some places up to 50 meters deep can be. It is connected by a strait to the Gulf of Venezuela. The Highlands of Guyana the fourth region of Venezuela is the Highlands of Guyana. The Highlands rises east of the Orinoco River and is one of the oldest landscapes of whole Americas. The Highlands occupies more than half of the entire country with its size and is primarily characterized by plateaus and small rivers.

The tourists most frequently visited destination of the Guiana Highlands is the Gran Sabana. This plateau is characterised by strongly jagged rocks, which have arisen in the course of millions of years. Numerous waterfalls in the depth, so also the highest waterfall in the world, the Salto Roraima plunge from the mesas of the plateau. Climate Venezuela Venezuela is located in the tropical zone. However, the individual climate is subject to the appropriate height, the topography and the prevailing winds. The climate ranges from the tropical wet climate of the Caribbean coast to the Alpine climate in the Highlands. In the months from May to November is rainy season across the country. As well as the landscape, the country is divided into four climate zones. At the bottom, the tropical zone, annual temperatures of 26-28 degrees. In the summer, of course also higher temperatures can be reached, what is popular especially among tourists. The temperate zone at altitudes up to 2,000 m Exhibit 12-25 degree temperatures, where are situated the most cities of Venezuela. Only from an altitude of 2,000 metres the temperature is cooler, it is then between 9-11 degrees. The economy of Venezuela Venezuela’s economy is dominated by the oil, but also of the tourism first and foremost. About one-fifth of all income in the terms of trade are achieved by the export of crude oil and thus account for half of total State revenues. A further pillar of the economy is the generation of hydropower, especially dams are used, the most prominent is the Guri dam. The tourism of the country always should be expanded to give more people the chance to earn a living with this. Accommodations are already in small apartments or holiday homes, and hotels are already available. Further leisure facilities are improved, progress, for example, through the construction of golf courses.