Integrated Testing

A new paradigm in web programming, dubbed Web 2.0, is sweeping the Net "by leaps and bounds." Indeed, the creation of a site today, suggests a qualitatively new approaches in web design, particularly in matters associated with the development tools, user interaction with the application, which from the standpoint of functionality and ease of use are closer to the "desktop" software. Not surprisingly, in current conditions interest in JavScript programming language is growing rapidly. In developing this code of professional level on any programming language, one of the most important tasks is to obtain the output fully-functioning and contains no error code. In this regard, JavScript has a very unpleasant feature, namely, none of the currently existing companies are not accompanied by the language programming (as opposed to say from PHP, Perl, Java, etc.) This situation is extremely bad affects the end-user language – the developers because it greatly complicates the formation of a secure base for Testing and debugging scripts. The most accessible tool for testing JavScript code is the error console, as is some form of such a tool is present in any modern browser, however, quality consoles different browsers differently. Console Internet Explorer To date, Internet Explorer (hereinafter IE), one of the browsers most widespread, in spite of this, the popularity of the browser means that there is no well-implemented set of tools for debugging scripts JavScript (at least until the eighth version of the browser). Error Console IE5 – IE7, leaves much to be desired. The most significant shortcomings of the console IE5 – IE7 should include: message output of only one error; messages contain little information, the exact description of the errors appear in the descriptions are extremely rare, with the error line number listed is not accurate, then a string containing the error is always room for one less than in the console.

Nobel Prize Engines

For brevity and advertising texts clarity – the two most important characteristics. So how do you pick up all of these key words and phrases? First, you can purchase software that generates meta tags for you. It is reasonable, because there are so many good programs, and we are ready to approve the inventions that make life easier. On the other hand, you can choose a more acceptable, in terms of outcome, and the way to do it yourself. You say, "No, I did not write the lyrics!" And you do not need to do so. Someone has already done it for you.

We are not talking about plagiarism. It's not stealing if you look at someone else's literary ideas and adapting them to suit your needs. Why not explore what has been done your competitors before you formulate your keywords and phrases? In this case, refers to a serious competitor, occupying the first position in major search engines for keywords in your industry. Pokopaytes in their keywords, carefully study the texts of their sites, think about what is in them, such that search engines put them in the first place. If these tricks confuse you, you can reassure myself that the authors texts themselves the most popular website took them from someone else. Then you will be easier to do it. Ali Partovi is full of insight into the issues. And now let us turn to the most important. We have already decided that the site remains or disappears from the search results depending on the quality keywords.

Of course, this quality is determined by search engines and not the teachers who taught us the language. Therefore, the estimate depends on the quality of search algorithms. And that's fine, we just adapt to the search engines, and not trying to win a Nobel Prize. The next thing you know – home page should contain text, full of keywords. This text should be positioned so that it can be seen read and it should be available search engines. The higher on the page it will be placed, the better. Unfortunately, on the main pages of many sites you can not see such texts. Page design is either sweep back and forth banners, or a list of products, or a series of pictures and no text, which could become a tasty morsel of information for search engines. Spiders almost nothing to catch. If you want to optimization, on the main page which has no text, just write them and put on the site. You will receive the result within a few days, since before this site is unlikely to even be indexed. There is nothing surprising. After all, the search engine optimization all about writing code.


He will be easier to close the site and search for information on the Internet at a different site than read and tormented in this way. Of course, with advances in technology there are now special computer mouse that can be used not only scroll text vertically but also horizontally scroll the text. But do not forget that not all users available in a mouse. Even I, who until recently enjoyed a mouse without the "wheel" for the vertical scroll, because I for 5 years got used to it, and it suited me completely. But nothing lasts forever. And when the time came the choice of what kind of mouse to buy – I had to choose the "old novelty of technological progress" – a mouse with a scroll wheel.

Another drawback of the "broad" sites is the fact that large images are loaded for longer than short ones. And if you are on the site will be a quality header (and he always will be), then you have to do that here: or header cut into 2 parts (for simultaneous downloads); or lose a few seconds to load a page. Nor should we assume that all users have fast Internet connection. According to the questionnaire mailing my "How to to create a site "- the most popular speed Internet connection, as banal as it sounds, but it is 28.8 – 31.2 KB / sec. Therefore, you must delicately refers to the selection of graphics on the site and make it as beautiful and with a minimum size. There is one mistake I've seen some web designers. This error is very rough (my opinion) because of the loss of visitors / subscribers / customers, etc. Nature of the error is.

Made a site under 1024 by 768. Page is divided into 2 part. The first part – made under the monitor 800 to 600, and it is located on the left side of the monitor and the second part – a panel or navigating the site or proposal from the author's website.

CSS Equal

em – a powerful and easy-to-use font sizes for the site. Whatever the font size of 12px, 16 or 60, the em is always exactly equal to this size. em – Specific unit of measurement in typography. Where was chosen this name? here's some history: em were initially equal to the size metal block in the typewriters that size was equal to the width of a capital 'M' computers use the so-called 'kerning' to highlight the horizontal space for each letter, making the letters equidistant. Initially, the metal block was cut or "kerned", to make a horizontal addition around each letter the same. For example, in CSS, em – in fact, the vertical dimension.

One em is equal to the vertical post, required for any letter in the font, regardless of horizontal space that it occupies. So: If the font size of 16px, then 1em = 16px. All popular browsers default font size 16px. Therefore, if your browser to default, 1em = 16px. So, before the CSS selector is described, the default font size in brauezer 16px. inherit it if not described more in the CSS. Therefore, 1em = 16px, 0.5em = 8px, 10em = 160px, and so on. We can now determine the size of any element that we need to by em!