Normative Instruction

As much the FAX how much the CI, must possess standardized forms for the Institution. MEMORANDUM ' ' It is the modality of communication between administrative units of one same agency, that can be hierarchically in same level or level diferentes' '. It has the same purpose of CI, however, the differentiated format. It is also of eminently internal use. The UFRB does not make much use of this modality of communication. ELECTRONIC MESSAGE Exchange of messages and archives by means of sending through computer networks.

One of the advantages of the electronic message, also CI the electronics in relation to any another modality of official communication is that the receiver receives immediately the message soon sent, this depending on the net system that the Institution to make use. For the electronic message it does not have standardization, however, it is good for preventing the use of an inelegant language and without objetividade. The notification of the act of receiving of the message is a tool that if must make use, to facilitate the effectiveness of the system. Obs.: According to Manual of the Presidency (2002), ' ' (…) the message of the e-mail only has value of official document, if to exist digital certification that certifies the identity of remetente.' ' CRAFT and CIRCULAR CRAFT ' ' It is used official correspondence for the public authorities to deal with subjects of service or interest of the administration. Also it is used by particular. It has format uniform, in accordance with the Normative Instruction n 4, of 6 of March of 1992, the Secretariat of Federal.&#039 Administration; ' (RASP, 2010) She is one of the modalities most common of the official correspondence. Much used in the external use (of an institution for another one or agencies). It is used internally, when to be about something very specific or when the subject to demand.