Technological Progress

Technological progress is very rapid, and more and these rates are increasing, the generations of devices and machines are changing each other transiently (eg, mobile phones every six months – a year, computers – once a year and a half and so on). But in our world is a device that came out of the past and do not want to leave, despite the fact that there are much better to them and practical alternative. Here on these devices and we'll talk. Let's start with the most banal and first caught my eye, an example. We all know that we are talking about a mechanical watch. Most people define time, using every possible means available, the mobile phone, to knock-time box-office receipts in the stores.

Fewer people wear a watch (I have kept silent about the pocket), and the bulk of all the watches, which can be seen on the wrists – and quartz digital clock. And people buy quartz watch, not because of cost, and not even because of their exceptional qualities, but simply because many do not have much to do with what to wear. But there are still supporters of the good old mechanics. Wearing mechanical watches in hand, you're taking a very complex mechanism, which has for a story. Of course, precision mechanics, lower than that of a good quartz watch, and inferior impact strength. Advantages, in my opinion, there is also – it's independence from the power source, a second hand ride, long life cycle with the right to appeal them.