Independent of the system of Telemedicina that uses the doctor, the principles of the medical ethics, the one who is subjects the medical profession world-wide, never must be compromised. The Telemedicina does not have to affect the individual relation adversely doctor-patient. When it is used in correct way, the Telemedicina has the potential to improve this relation through more chances to communicate and a more easy access of both the parts. As on all the fields of the Medicine, the relation doctor-paciente must be based on the mutual respect, in the independence of opinion of doctor, in the autonomy of the patient and the professional confidencialidade. It is essential that the doctor and the patient can identify themselves with confidence when the Telemedicina is used. The main application of the Telemedicina is in the situation where the medical assistant needs the opinion or the advice of another colleague, since whom she has the permission of the patient.

Without a doubt in some cases, the only contact of the patient with the doctor is through the Telemedicina. Ideally, all the patients who need medical aid must see its doctor in the personal consultation and the Telemedicina must limit it situations where the doctor cannot be physically present in an acceptable and safe time. When the patient asks for to a direct consultation of orientation this only must occur when the doctor already has a relation with the patient or adequate knowledge of the problem that if presents, in way that can have a clear and justifiable idea. Without a doubt, he must yourself be recognized that many services of health that do not count on preexisting relations (as centers of orientation for telephone) and certain types of services in moved away regions are considered as valuable services e, in general, function well inside of its proper structures. In an emergency where if it uses the Telemedicina, the opinion of the doctor can be based on incomplete information, however, in these cases, the clinical urgency of the situation will be the determinative factor to use an opinion or a treatment.