Telephone Directory

Now you can follow each movement that its pair, employed son or makes by means of a powerful but discreet software to monitor cellular telephones that all the information in real time registers and stores, this software makes the function fast and easy of a private investigator. Now you have right away what needs to know, before had had to engage a deprived investigator, to decide if she has the capacity to do the work, to tell his more intimate problems him and to disburse hundreds of dollars. Finally, he must hope to that the investigator carries out his task. The easy form is to use this software like its own private investigator. It could give a long list him of all the reasons. First it is that it is a software, reason why is not going to commit human errors that a private investigator would commit. Second it is that one does not get tired, does not need to eat or to sleep, reason why this constantly monitoring the cellular telephone of the objective and taking a registry of everything what happens.

I guarantee to him that it is not going to end all savings, but it is going to give to him immediate results. What does? 1 – Registry of text message (always it has the content of each message) Sometimes, certain information is very compromising like being including in conversations aloud, reason why technology of registry of messages SMS is sent by message SMS.La text takes to a registry word by word of each sent or received message SMS. STILL if the carrier of the cellular telephone the flock. 2 – Draft registration points (telephone numbers of entrance and exit, the hour and the duration) But that are not everything, if a name has been assigned in the memory of the telephone, will be able to see it, so that it will not have to call to that number to know to that belongs to him! 3 – Access to the Telephone Directory (it lets see each one of the numbers that has been kept in the memory) 4 – Localizer by means of GPS who can be seen in Google Map. 5 – He is undetectable 6 – It can track all the telephones that want by means of a unique payment. 7 – It has Guarantee by 60 days Everything what you must do is to install the program in objective telephone that wants to monitor. The installation is very easy and it will take a minute him. Once fact this, you will be able to see all the information recorded in the site from any computer in the world!