The Changes

It was certain? In little time, I, it start to frequentar other together environments, and my brother. The meeting were not only more habitual for impediments ranks for its family. It leaves a fianc in the city of where she comes. To all evidence if she perceived that this relationship was particularly expensive to its family. It little said the respect, but it was certain that its parents did not see our meeting with good eyes. It was as if they represented threat its engagement. did not seem same to be a baseless concern. The spirit for backwards of that enigmatic look persisted.

Each meeting I and it were substantially between. My brother was mere coadjuvante, and nor seemed to import itself with this. We were the three for the same college. We start to share much more time together. The parents of it already did not seem capable to exert control the same.

My taste and passion you discipline for them of humanities seemed to increase the charm that I exerted on it. How much to my brother, divided between substances techniques and financiers, he was gradually if becoming still more other people’s. Each time more the meeting were mine and of it. This until my brother to gain that prize. I never understood well what it develops. One was about something on the Internet and copyrights. Idea to catch thought and to atrelar it its idealizer, as it was a thing that belonged to it, me never seemed natural. Perhaps therefore never I searched to understand. What it really worried me was that look of it, that I already judged part of my patrimony, was gradually if directing my brother. Still before the college finishing, diverse contracts had appeared for my brother. Of soon, it abandoned ours it would mercearia to dedicate its new activity exclusively. The changes seemed instantaneous.