The Democratic Management

The Democratic Management if characterizes for a type of administration directed to the social one, from there to present the conception of democracy in its name. In this direction, it conducts what it are principles that go since the allotment inside of the institutions to the search for the action freedom to be able it to front. In the pertaining to school scope, this practical if makes inside for the aggregation of mechanisms considered essential inside of one practical pedagogical one centered in the freedom of the educational actions, namely: autonomy and participation. Under these two looks, inside of the democracy in the relations of being able between the school and the Brazilian educational system, will be boarded in this work, among others things: the consolidated bases of education in our society; the peculiarities of this type of pertaining to school management and its particularitities; as it started to act inside of the State of the Cear. 2 Education and Democracy, in face of made use in the Article 1 of the LDB Many are the challenges that the school contemporary must face in elapsing of its trajectory. The globalization, folloied of the aceleramento of the technology on the other hand to the actions and deriving results of the governments or states, provides for the education the immense task of, although the difficulties with which deal, to inside promote the equalizao formative of the citizens of this context. The modernization of the work, narrowly on to everything this, has its significant parcel in these results; e, the education of good quality have been the main one and more efficient door of exit of these problems, a time that the educator already is not plus a mere repassador of information and contents, as well as that the society demands of its professional ability performance accomplishes in the process of formation citizen.