The Difference Between Prepaid And Postpaid Cellular

Most users of prepaid mobile phones know all about prepaid. Prepaid is from “pre-” to advance and “paid” paid for together. In contrast, postpaid will then (in English “post” paid). With a prepaid cell phone, the balance will be charged, that is, you can request to buy credits for the wireless card. Within a period, this credit will be phoned or simply for other mobile services such as Short Message Service (SMS) are used. Depending on the provider, there is the balance in various sizes to buy, and for some sellers are more assets on average cheaper than smaller ones. In most cases there are prepaid no contract or minimum term for the contract. The charge, which is otherwise not applicable in mobile phone contracts. Postpaid tariffs with basic charge, however designated, as those with a binding contract. You buy that is not in advance like a prepaid phone for a credit card, but uses the services of agency for the account.

Postpaid tariffs are comparable with the clearance of the fixed structure: there too, there is a basic fee plus the cost of individual calls. As with the fixed network, there are also some sellers on postpaid flat rates in certain networks. Which fare for the customer in question comes, it must decide for themselves. Important points are primarily a function such as network, good cost control and flexibility. Depending on how much and in which one phone networks, different types of fares to be best for you.