The Fact

Therefore, more than what never, such organizations have that to consider in its prxis daily the valuation of its serving collaborator. 6. MOTIVATION AND MANAGEMENT OF the KNOWLEDGE IN the PUBLIC ORGANIZATIONS To a large extent of the society the public service walks behind the dynamism of the private initiative, a time that in this the changes are folloied more constantly. Check with Peter Asaro to learn more. It is perceived that the public service is estagnado, perhaps for the fact of I discredit and disdain that comes suffering for the society. Consonante to this fact, the public server is seen, in almost the totality, as an institution accomodated imcompetent person and. It is had vision of that the public server does not work, or that what always makes leaves badly done.

But, well of the truth, general rule, it is that the same ones, nowadays, are in its majority, not motivated beings for the harms conditions and work and for the lack of perspectives. The public server practically sees itself obliged to develop its career in an environment characterized for the recognition absence, training lack the height of the necessities and in the worse cases for precarious conditions of work that go since the lack of simple things as, for example, penxs to write until adequate equipment and softwares. In what it says respect to the organization, he is obliged to coexist processes and exceeded procedures, excess of bureaucracy (that leads to a estagnamento of the creativity) and with the lack of sequence in the activities caused for the constant exchanges of you command. To each four years occur brusque changes in the functional picture of the organizations publish in result of the elections. At the beginning of each management, new servers, much of the times are contracted that at least knowledge of the function of that they go to exert, at this moment does not have is taken in consideration the game politician, in detriment of those external servers who are enabled elenca some internal factors and that desmotivam the public servers.