The Firm

If you know a little bit technology of repair indicate the order of finish, especially the use of construction and finishing materials, to clarify the technical readiness specialists work with project documentation. It is important to understand who you're negotiations. This may be a mediator, making his sales orders organizer works (the same mediator, but exercises control functions, supply, maintain and make available to the customer operating statements) or directly to the Executive, with their hands together with assistants carrying out repairs and finishing work. Find out the technical capabilities of the firm or construction crews. Otherwise, you might hear: 'Boss, Give a hammer, drill writing, writing a punch. " Will provide the working tools to do repairs, to experience downtime.

Do not forget to ask the contractor about his mobility. Artist must be able to not move on to public transport, as quickly and in time to arrive at your workplace. If necessary, promptly deliver the missing material, or to solve other issues associated with your repairs. Ask how many objects simultaneously is the contractor. Not infrequently happens that in the pursuit of order and a rich client builders grab a few valuable objects, and the quality of work performed by suffers very seriously. Before lunch crew works for you, after dinner, a neighbor, and in the evening, moved in next door. In particular this applies to small teams or individual artists. Stipulate what order of payment, what the optimal timing of repair, which provided statements. Find out whether the contractor is ready, including an individual contract contract, with all ensuing consequences.