The Invasion Of Cell Phones Double O Chip Mobile Phones

It is a reality, the Chinese cellular phone market advances by leaps and bounds and more and more users who are willing to break the traditional mold of a team of "brand" to enjoy all the advantages of a Dual Cell Phone Chip. Is that really the advantages of cell phones are multiple DobleChip about a cell phone "brand" such Nokia, Motorola, Samsung, LG, which I shall detail below: 1 .- They come with Double Chip, which is cost saving in calls between the same operator. 2 .- It saves space when transporting them, he no longer has to carry two cell phones but a single wireless phone and transport their two lines on a single computer. 3 .- Allow to capture local Television channels and UFH in the city where you are. 4 .- They come factory unlocked, which allows quick installation of the chip or SIMM and not dependent on any supplier of telecommunications for its activation. You are, that is operating throughout the World. 5 .- The Iphone screen is Touch type, which allows greater interactivity between the Multimedia applications user cell phone. 6 .- The vast majority of these Double Cellular Phone Chip are manufactured in factories that produce the same teams of "brand": Nokia, Samsung, Motorola, LG, among others.

7 .- They come with dual battery, headphones, USB charger and connector cable for the PC, in addition to its manual. The management team is easy and interaccioncon Multimedia functions are very good team. Today has already broken the old paradigm that everything is bad Chinese product. I got to travel to China and learn about the different factories and the Chinese really have an amazing advantage for the West in production item. Usually managers Dela creation and design of the technology are the Japanese and Taiwanese and Chinese are responsible for the assembly and mass production for later sale to the World. That is why today is known to China as the world's factory. Besides the double Cellular Phone Chip, the smartphone market is growing also. Solo is expected to increase demand for such equipment in order to decrease the cost of manufacture