The Limitations

There is much talk and we prosecuted with great assiduity, without taking into account that the quasi-totality of college students have their own email and Internet access. However, this resource is given to them, as to many physicians, artists, scientists, researchers, journalists and other professionals, totally free or subsidized by the State, in order that the knowledge acquired and shared through the network of networks contribute to social development. Something similar happens to those who attend the 600 young Club scattered throughout the Cuban geography, from which access to the Internet and are taught to place content in this one, under the formula that is as important in the virtual world give as receive. The silence and the distortion of the subject is such that many visitors are amazed when they see with their own eyes a computer powered by solar panel for a single child in an intricate schoolhouse, or a Faculty of University mountain with free Internet, things that would have no sense in the lucrative mind of any service provider, for whom connection and money are synonymous. reality has imposed priorities, the blockade has forced the limitations, and even to commercialize the service in hotel facilities or cybercafes, something that also look at certain visitors with AWE. And it is that to many, out of Cuba and also inside, find it hard to understand that access to the Internet on the island does not respond to pay patterns and bears that they impose on everyone, because as in so many other things, in the conditions of an underdeveloped and blockaded country, was bet once more, for giving him who can most contribute to othersby turning it into a social network of networks. 100 percent of schools in the country use ICT as support for programmes of classes, along with televisions and videos, what benefits two million 658 230 students and 784 12 existing schools.