The Manufacture

Often you can find a kitchen countertop with a rounded or curved facade. Such headsets look very impressive and unusual, although a bit cumbersome. materials and color theme high technology and modern cuisine to continue the story about the materials. The most common material for countertops and wall panels is a laminate. It is valuable because at an affordable price can simulate expensive natural materials: stone, wood, leather. In this laminate perfectly brings all the cooking load. (Laminate flooring is also used for facades.) More fashionable are composite materials, used for the manufacture of countertops and sinks. Composite insulating materials consist of solid filler, such as granite chips and binder, for example, resins (acrylic), so combine the best properties of both materials.

Tabletops made of composite materials are manufactured custom-made and installed strictly in place, you can order a monolithic slab immediately to the table under the sink. These countertops are performed by casting, therefore, it is possible to make nodules, differences and merge elements (such as coasters). A natural stone (marble, granite), once the former in a fashion, now they have displaced, as it is very expensive and impractical – and very fragile heavy. The most common composite material is Corian. The hardness is similar to the hardness of marble, Corian and weighs slightly more than the foam. Corian is made up of acrylic and white clay, it is absolutely devoid of pores, so perfectly clean. Corian heat-resistant, easy to recover in case of scratches. Corian worktops have an extensive range of colors (about a hundred flowers).