The Most Unpretentious Technology Branding

In this age of technology and abundance of information, publicity is truly valuable to companies. People are spending less money on additional products, such as information goods, and compensation for this is advertising. Naturally, everything can not be free. Just some products begin to work on the other, or each other. So there was a cross-promotion – joint advertising campaigns of several non-competing brands. In such circumstances, advertising begins imperceptibly penetrate all spheres of life, mingling with life itself, with it becoming a single entity. Advertising permeates all corners of society.

It is very well taken root on the Internet as if it was born. But real life is never will become secondary, and in so doing, it will help to modern technology. uv printing to print on all materials. ” A little exaggerated, but this is more truth than fiction. Printing is improved in many respects: – print quality – the materials used – environmentally friendly printing on all these parameters uv printing is superior to conventional solvent-based printing and some other types of printing.

This is caused by uv curing, which crystallizes a drop of paint in the form of a hemisphere immediately after printing. On this subject, written many articles, but I would not stop there. In addition uv printing is cheaper solvent press say on the film, followed by prikatkoy on plastic, but it often ignored. Flexo Flexo once considered ‘dirty’ technologies, now provides high-quality printing and thus remains unpretentious technology, the print on most materials. Look around you, you will easily find examples flexo: plastic bags, packaging, etc. The downside is printing systems. The cost of forms has significant weight in the total cost on average circulation. Laser Cutting Laser won the position of the most versatile technology. It is now difficult to imagine medicine, cutting materials, military and space technology without the laser. Laser treatment are almost all materials. This is just some examples of universal technologies that are gaining increasing popularity. Special tools are always used. But probably soon will integrate technology branding.