The Networks Social Not Are A Fashion More

The phenomenon of social media is not a fad, this based on integration strategies that have been implemented mainly three major e-mail platforms, as they are, gmail, hotmail and yahoo. And is that these platforms have seen if they did a job to somehow integrate social networks in their email platforms, this would represent a huge loss of users to their platforms, since e-mail is no longer so vital for many, but that many of these users are using social networks to socialize and communicate what they want their friends and related by this route. Therefore if email platforms remained closed to integrate or find ways to make easier it for its millions of users who could follow and update their social networks from these platforms would see greatly reduced the influx of these users to check their mail and when made it would do so simply to do this and sporadically, so that they would lose the opportunity to achieve permanence in their platforms and to attract these users so that they stay long time in these. Given all this, it is noteworthy that social networks are not a simple fashion, but that is a different way of users find a platform that provide what they need, and the way in which users have been capturing consistently, can be seen reflected in these actions from gmail, hotmail and yahoo, trying to integrate social networking into their platforms.