The New Testament Literature

The Christian Bible has a total of 66 books. Of these, 24 belong to the New Testament. The term New Testament means “New Covenant, of the old covenant (Old Testament has replaced). The time of the New Testament starts with Jesus Christ, who is also heralded a new era. The New Testament begins with four different reports on the life and work of Jesus. These reports are called gospels, there is the central theme of the gospel, that is the Good News of Christ, which is that Christ died for the sins of mankind and rose again the third day.

The first gospel was written by Matthew, the second of Mark, the third of Luke (who also wrote the book of Acts) and the fourth of John. The Acts of the Apostles, the Gospels finally connects with the letters. Paul opened the round of letters to the Romans. This followed the two Corinthian letters, Galatians, Ephesians and Colossians, and the two letters to the Thessalonians. These letters were all from the Apostle Paul written. Then follow the so-called pastoral letter, therefore, first and second Timothy and Titus letter. The Philemon and Hebrews make the transition to the general’s letters, so James, the first and second Peter, the three letters of John and Jude. The conclusion of the New Testament is the revelation of John.

This division is for Luther a little different. But since then, the here-called classification has prevailed. The earliest book of the NT is the Epistle of James, the AD 50th was written. What is the latest authored book is not quite sure. It could be one of the Letters of John, or the revelation. Date to 100 AD. The original language of the New Testament was Greek. The Latin Vulgate version bears the name. The Reformation by Martin Luther ensured thanks to the art of printing for a wide dissemination of the New Testament and in Germany. Today there are many different translations in thousands of languages. Result that we have very many old copies, we can assume that the text of the NT, as we see today, largely corresponds to the originals.