Trust Consulting

The Talentum offers modules for the control of fines and CNH, fleet control, maintenance among others, even so its main objective is companies of transport of passengers. The Bsoftsistemas develops the Control of Transporter 3.00. This software possesss diverse modules, between the main ones can registers in cadastre be cited it of vehicles, drivers, customers, routes, employees, banking control, freights, expenditures, control of maintenance, financier, emission of order of collection and the CTRC. The Trust Consulting and Associates? IT Resource offers solutions for the transport sector. Its software, the CTMS, is specialized in managing transport costs and was developed to be used through a server for the Internet. Active Trans, developed for Active System, offers tools for the control of sales, invoicing, registers in cadastre of drivers, accounts payable, security, emission of the CTRC, amongst others. As it can be noticed, many exist softwares for the area of transport of materials. However, some are not focados in the area of interest of the company, object of study of the present work, and others possess tools and modules that are not necessary for company, which desire a software specialized and that it only takes care of the requirements determined for it.

Another important factor and that it must be led in consideration is the cost, therefore all softwares cited previously are paid. According to Adriano Zentil Polzin? ME, others two disadvantages of these programs are its maintenance and update. For the company, it is important that the desenvolvedor of its software is next, allowing that any maintenance or update is carried through of the possible form fastest. The main requirements raised by the work next to the company, who a software of management of road transport must possess is, amongst others I register in cadastre, it and control of user levels I register in cadastre and it of physical and legal people.