United States Polar

Nike and Polar, the leader and pioneer in the technology used to monitor heart rhythm while practicing sports, has introduced the Polar WearLink +. This new product works with Nike + iPod Sport Kit and the Nike + SportBand, allowing millions of runners train and monitor your heart rate in a much more effective way. This new product is used just like the other heart monitors polar, which are placed around the chest and the heart rate transmitted wirelessly, but this time it transmits it to the Nike + SportBand or iPod Sport Kit. In this way it will allow users improve the experience that you have to train, helping them to understand that they are both striving and that improvements are taking. Users can view keystrokes per minute while they train and may be later transferred the total information to nikeplus.com web service. The new Polar WearLink + that works with Nike +, it is also compatible with most polar training computers, which use 5 kHz transmission technology.

This It allows Nike + system, working simultaneously with the polar training computer. Similarly, gym equipment that are compatible with Polar products, shall be compatible with this new product. Likewise, this new product is compatible with the fifth generation of the iPod nano and the Nike + iPod Sport Kit. The Polar WearLink + that works with Nike + technology, will be available in United States during the month of June and then begin to exit in other markets started by Canada and the major countries of Europe, at the beginning of July.