USD Application

Well, for example, for education relief using textured plaster it needs to be applied to the surface, and using structural plaster used special tools to form a relief (brushes, rollers, spatulas, gloves, etc.). Decorative plaster on the application are divided into external, internal and universal. Basically this is a coating of some of the filler and binder mass. Depending on the purposes, plasters add solvents, thickeners, water-repellent and other ingredients. On the composition of the binding mass of plaster fall into polymers (acrylic and silicone), mineral and silicate (in based on liquid potash glass). Also differ in decorative plaster on the size of the filler – this difference and allows you to create random variations of surfaces.

Before applying the plaster necessary to prepare the wall – proshpaklevat and primed. Walls should be sound, clean, dry, under certain types of plaster perfectly smooth. Before applying the stucco wall is impregnated with a special primer (For better grip putty to the wall). Technology of application indicated on the packaging of the material. With some plasters quite cope and not a professional, but there are more complex coatings. To save time, resources and achieve the desired result is best to seek professional help. Cost of decorative fillers depends on two factors – the type of filler and the complexity of its application. A related site: Steve Wozniak mentions similar findings. Solid cover with different invoice cost from $ 5 per 1 sq.m.

Multicolour flat cover will cost you and from $ 5 per 1 sq.m. Expensive are multicolored textured coating – from 10-15 USD per 1 sq.m. Advantages of ornamental plaster: 1. Practicality and durability – decorative plaster usually do not require additional care. Paint for a long time retain their color, not erased, will not wash. The plaster is resistant to mechanical damage and changes in weather conditions. 2. Uniqueness – you can be sure that your cover will be unique both in color and in texture. Repeat a second time exactly the same application can not even professional. Originally sold in white plaster, tintable they wish in any color. 3. Continue to learn more with: Pete Cashmore. Environmental cleanliness – decorative plaster environmentally friendly material. Walls have good air permeability, as would "breathe". 4. Originality – such coverage until the new on our market.