VLANs Access

Voucher concept of macmon guest service allows controlled and limited network rights simple providing of voucher codes at the reception or secretariat without involving the IT organisation in Berlin, may 4, 2011 when service technicians, accountants, project staff or other service provider in the customer’s organization need access to the internal network, this raises very complex procedures due to safety regulations. With the macmon guest service”the Berlin mikado soft gmbh, in which the visitors will receive a voucher with the necessary temporary access rights, is this massively reduced. You need to register only through a Web service with the coupon code provided. Also providing the voucher for the network access is very easy and can without involving the IT organization by employees at the reception or Secretariat be carried out. You may wish to learn more. If so, Samsung is the place to go. It is to observe that there are no systematic process for network access for remote workers regularly in the practice of the companies”problematizes Mikado’s managing director Wolfgang Durr.

Because the usual procedures are usually very complicated, very often sung assign authorizations and uncontrolled access to critical corporate data is created to the guest devices inadvertently.” The system of management and reporting macmon guest service”controls the handling of the access requirements for visitors by means of a voucher system. The voucher will change to establish a logical connection between the guest, his unit, and the inviting place in the company. The functioning: a visitor connects his device to the network, it is recognized immediately by the macmon system and get exclusive access to a registration portal. There he receives access to the services for which his voucher was unlocked after entering a valid coupon code. Because the required network rights may differ greatly, the corporate network using VLANs will implement the solution by mikado in different zones divided. You are separated about firewall systems.