But for a long time so could not continue. Sooner or later no plan resulted in the death of staff and players. Chips. Yes, I'm going to tell you about "chips" of the game! Probably inexperienced in geymerstve students would have been enough and that I have already written to be filled with puppy excitement of the game. However, this is not a complete description of her charms! What I particularly liked the game were "prizes"! Some of the enemy tanks were flashing. If you shoot and hit them on the field of randomly appearing prize. A flashing square with a symbolic figure.

The prize may not appear for a long time. But if the player managed to get there and take it, there were very nice thing for him. What? Depended on that prize. It could be: Pomegranate – in this If not, all are currently on the game screen at the same time the enemy tanks exploded! Even as something interesting. Clock – Time stops for the enemies. Their tanks froze in place and could not move. At the time.

So that players can drive up and calmly, without fear of enemy projectiles to shoot villains. Tank – extra life. It's simple. The five-pointed star – our most favorite prize! After each new star of the tank changed its look at a steeper and increase its rate. So you can change 3 times. Ie respectively, after three stars. Unfortunately, the fourth star is giving nothing. Perhaps we would like to continue improve their self-propelled guns – to make them monsters, super-mega-muper tanks. But, unfortunately, the programmers did not include improvements after the third star. Bastards, that they take Okay, wiping avaricious man's tears and complaining of unrealized possibilities – forgive them this mistake. Afterword But the yard is 21. Should I think of those ancient times? Should I think about the 'Battle City ", when there is a WarCraft iii ' Warhammer 40,000 'and other masterpieces? I think – yes. " were let in yet short stories gamedev. And they will forever remain in it. Its integral part. And we do not forget.