Who is a Leader?

The leader is the key spokesperson of the organization: The leader has the responsibility to positively influence the opinion and image of the organization, both staff of the organization, and beyond, in order to attract the required cooperation, positive image and promote the use of the opportunities of the environment. The leader is a person who: communicates for or represent the mission of the organization. A person who intercedes with third parties for the mission. Take the initiative to develop a network and manage a variety of critical relationships that strengthen the management of the organization and whose absence or lack of articulation of limits. Communicated to those whose cooperation the organization requires, and who has no control, the needs of the organization. The leader needs to develop communication skills treatment, persuasion and influence to enable the organization to position favorably to much within it and in relation to the environment. The leader is the generator of relevant, reliable, clear and states: Good decisions require reliable and accurate information.

The leader is responsible for providing and facilitating the creation of structures, organizational systems and technologies to ensure the flow of relevant, reliable, clear and precise in setting goals, communicating expectations, delegating responsibility, etc. .. To generate the information is important for the leader to avoid two dangerous trends that occur in the organizational context, sub report or inform. In both cases the result is confusion, lack of productivity and loss of focus. The leader needs to ask: How to share information so as to facilitate the development of high levels of trust and responsibility? How to avoid that people get more information we can classify and take advantage? Or how to communicate so that people have the sufficient information needed to perform their work and make decisions within its competence? The leader is the organizer of meanings: The distinctive role of leadership is seeking to know why before I knew how.