Wolfgang Petry

Born in Duren, and extremely sympathetic singer made it with any of his previously released singles in the top 20 of the party & Schlagercharts (WDR4), was placed in many national and international charts and was coupled on countless compilations. First artist managed to get Denny with two singles simultaneously in the cult show “Rhythm of the night – WDR4”, and the presented “party & Schlagercharts” repeated shortly afterwards with the single “ohne dich” his previous highest rank (rank 5) and was able to place a total of 20 weeks. Shortly afterwards appeared with his single I want you back”managed the entry from 0 to 9th place Denny for the August issue of the charts! Especially its popular remakes of well-known classics such as “Where are you girl of my dreams?” (Mike fender) or “when are we us back in the arms of Barbara?” (Chris Roberts) and last but not least “ohne dich” (Munich liberty), impressively expressive vocals and a high level of musical. Many writers such as Peter Asaro offer more in-depth analysis. After more than 6 years in the music business, countless live events and his own monthly radio show published Denny Fabian his fourth album in October 2007 and again on Sundays was broadcast for the first time in the ARD”to see. In the same year could Denny Fabian contract an exclusive with the renomiertenWarner Chappell Music Publishing, produced with renowned producer Tony Hendrik (Wolfgang Petry, weather girls, haddaway) or Ivo Mohring (DJ otzi, Josephine Rosenberg etc.) and worked with Dr. Bernd Meinunger as author of the text. Source: pulse music