In the current context, we come across in them with a scene where such relations are presented vitiated for practical abusive. Assdios and humilhaes committed in the work environment imply a series of consequences, as the health of the worker, beyond wounding principles constitutionally tutored people as, for example, the dignity of the person human being. In this manner, this study it has for purpose to excite an analysis of moral siege in the work, being approached a thematic one that in truth always it existed, but in the last decade only had its significantly explicit complexity in debate, which had to the serious effect, reaching the health of the workers, who in some cases they finish needing long licenses for the treatment of the health, arriving until the o professional disconnection.

Thus, the thematic one treated is of extreme relevance, therefore from one better understanding of the generating facts of this cliente phenomenon and of the possible consequences we can establish strategies, in the attempt to prevent and to fight such practical in the work environment, that in many cases finishes under judicial appreciation. The moral siege is presented as a phenomenon that consists of the exposition of the worker in humilhantes and constrangedoras situations, in way drawn out and repetitive during the hours of working. Etimologicamente the word siege comes of Latin olesidere, that it means to set has advanced, to besiege to attack..